Ferrous and nonferrous materials for purchase

Materials We Sell

We process all scrap material to mill specifications and can ship domestic or international.

Some of the grades we provide are :

  • No 1 Copper Wire
  • No 1 Copper Tubing
  • No 2 Copper
  • Baled Insulated Copper
  • Various Grades of Brass by alloy
  • Various Grades of Stainless alloys
  • 3 ft No 2 steel
  • 3 ft Plate and Structural Steel
  • 5 ft Plate and Structural Steel
  • 5 ft HMS
  • Galvanized Steel Clip
  • Baled sheet Aluminum
  • Baled New Aluminum Extrusions
  • Baled Aluminum Lithos
  • Baled Aluminum MLC
  • Baled Aluminum Road Signs
  • 50%  minimum Aluminum Breakage

Please feel free to contact us if you require something that is not listed. We will be happy to try to put together a package that you need.