Equipment and Services

Container Services

Sol Alman Company offers a variety of 12 to 20 yards bins, boxes, forklift hoppers, self-dumping hoppers, and 45’ open top semi-trailers to fit almost any on site application. We have a large fleet of tractor trailer and load lugger trucks to service your needs quickly.

Mobile cutting and crane services

We have mobile magnet cranes to load loose material on site and if you have large amounts of oversized material we can arrange for torchmen to size it down for loading.

Quick Service

We pride ourselves on 24 hour turnaround on containers. We know work stoppage because a container is full costs you money and quick service keeps your job running smoothly.

Competitive Prices

We buy all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap in any quantities small or large from walk-in customers (200 pound minimum on ferrous scrap) to multi-ton industrial accounts. We continuously monitor market conditions to keep our prices up to date and competitive. We also have a very flexible and swift payout system. We can pay within minutes of unloading, monthly, or end of job to meet whatever your needs may be.